On Our Own Again

We left the tour group this morning, waved goodbye to their bus at 8 am.  We stayed the last 2 nights in Bled, Slovenia (with the group) and tonight and Monday night in Ljubljana, capital.  It has been a very busy 8-9 days with the tour.  So much scenery and history and travel.  Invaluable.  Our tour guide, Rok was fantastic and we had several very good local guides in the cities we visited.  We would definitely recommend this Gate 1 travel tour.  But we would say to do it like we did with your own air travel to meet up with the group.  We were able to get here ahead of the group and get over the jetlag before the heavy touring began.  And we didn’t have to rush off to make plane connections.  One couple left  at 2 am this morning.  Ugh. 

Anyway, we are in a very nice hotel (totally overpriced, the dollar is so weak!) and recuperating.  We did so much walking with many  steps and inclines, hills etc.  Jim rested and avoided some, but he is hurting tonight.  I found food for lunch and dinner and let him stay off  his feet, so he is better.  We will also take it easy in the am.  It has been impossible to find a laundry, so we have been doing handwashing.  I did a big batch this afternoon.  Jim says the bathroom looks like a “Chinese laundry”  (sorry, politically incorrect, I know).  We brought hangers, clothesline, and clothespins.  Be prepared!

A decent hotel in Slovenia is $100 per night or more and Austria is 30-40% more, so we are paying more than we do in USA.  We will be in Slovakia Nov. 3-5 or more and have a basic hotel for $80.  We will see what it looks like.  We are looking forward to seeing Janette again and she will show us around on the 4th.  It’s great to have locals for guides.

I have added a few pictures to the Croatia photos and hope to add a Slovenia album tomorrow.  Our best to all.  Cheryl


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