We spent most of the day on the train today, 3 different ones.  We saw some beautiful country out the windows:  autumn colors, snow, rivers, towns, etc.  It was hard to get great pictures because the rain streaked the windows, but I think we got a few.  I’ll try to add some tomorrow.
We met up with our friend, Janette at the train station and she helped us get a decent priced cab to our hotel.  It is definitely not as big or nice as the Union Grand in Lujbljana, but decent and a more reasonable price.  After dinner at a local sports bar, we are back to our room to get some rest.  We will do some site seeing tomorrow, Janette was able to take the day off.  It is supposed to be rainy and high around 44o.  We don’t plan to do a lot of hiking, especially with Jim’s knee still being painful.
On the 5th of Nov. we will take a couple of trains from here to Zagreb, Croatia and then catch an allnight sleeper train to Split (we have reserved a compartment).  The trains are fun, except for the luggage and pretty comfortable.  We have always enjoyed them over here.  More later, Chery

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