Podstrana, near Split, Croatia

We had a great time in Bratislava with Janette; I have set up a new photo album with some of the photos from there.  (If anyone can tell me how to rotate the vertical ones, I’d appreciate it.  They look fine on the camera!)
Well, we did  a lot of train riding in the last few days.  When we left Slovakia we had 2 trains to get from there, through Slovenia and into Croatia, Zagreb to be exact.  We started at 11 a.m., had a 4 hour layover in Vienna and then in “Z” town at 10 p.m.  From there, we had an all night sleeper car from 11 pm to 7 am.
All went well, except one detail.  Jim had been having knee pain since 10/31 and while in Vienna, it got worse; somehow he pulled something and could not walk.  We got help to get on the train (2 security guys, wheelchair and luggage cart).  In “Z”, we were really concerned because there were no escalators or elevators.  Again, we had 2 guys help with luggage, Jim had his arm across my shoulders and hopped/walked and the maintenance guys opened up the tracks, so we could get across on the level.  Wow!
The sleeper beds were hard, so Jim was in pain while sleeping.  In Split, again he leaned on me and and hobbled to get off the train.  We had to pay a porter there for the luggage, but able to avoid stairs.  Our apartment owner/manager picked us up in a van ($30) for the 30 min ride to Podstrana.  The apartment is nice and luckily he gave us ground level.  We have a view of the Adriatic sea, but the road up is steep and so I have not let Jim venture out.  He is doing better, definitely, so we will try to go out for a meal tomorrow.  I have been going to the store, a little market about 3 blocks away and paying high prices for limited supplies.  We had enough Brandy and cheese to keep us happy, however.
I guess that is enough for now.  We will be here for 5 nights total and head back to USA on the 12th.  It has been a great trip, but challenging, to say the least.  I’ll put photos on from here at a later time.

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