Our cushette train ride

I wanted to post these pictures of our train ride from Vienna to Zagreb and then in sleeper car to Split.  One is of Jim being pushed in a wheelchair to get to our train and the other 2 are in our tiny compartment,  We did have a sink, however.  He is doing better, walking with a cane, now and will see a doctor in CA.  I am also adding photos to a new album, Podstrana/Split.

2 responses to “Our cushette train ride

  1. If he looked any happier he would have been up laughing and jumping around ha ha ha just kidding Jim I know it was the pits, hang tough till you get home. Jo

  2. Cheryl, you looked pretty comfortable there on the couch but from the looks of it I amsure you got the top bunk for safety sakes ha ha almost home girl hang in there. Jo

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