Back in USA

We arrived in Miami, on Thursday and drove 2 hours to Naples, FL to a hotel for the night.  We were really feeling ragged after no sleep for about 22 hours.  Starting to feel almost normal today.  Yesterday, we drove up to Tampa to visit with Jim and Amy, my uncle and aunt and cousin Jimmy.
It’s good to be back and have a cell phone.  However, we received bad news almost immediately.  A flood was discovered by friends at our home in CA.  The water had been running for days (or weeks) under the BA sink and has done a lot of damage.  We contacted the insurance yesterday and good friends have helped us out in getting the “demolition and restoration” company in to dry it all out and get rid of the mold.  I’m attaching some pix.  It looks really bad and we won’t be able to live there for a week or more.  This too shall pass.


One response to “Back in USA

  1. That looks horrible! Guess you\’ll have to make another trip until that\’s fixed! John just returned from Tampa last night. (Wed.)

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