Still in So CA

We have been at home in So CA for 3 months now.  Jim is getting antsy, but we have kept busy.  Enjoying our new remodeled home and catching up with friends.  We even made contact with Doug and Dianne, who we met in Thailand, in 2004.  This was the first time that our travels had crossed paths.  Anyway, we spent a couple of fun days together.  One was in Temecula and the other in San Diego.  One picture is when we went to Coronado Island and the Hotel Del Coronado, the other at Cabrillo National Monument.  They are retired and their home is in the Toronto, Canada area.  They travel more than we do!! 

We are leaving on a cruise this coming Wednesday.  Our 5th time on the Carnival Spirit.  This time, Jim’s cousin and wife, Dale and Diana are joining us.  This is our first time to cruise together and we look forward to sharing the experience.

We’ve had some beautiful weather here during the last few weeks.  Snow visible on the mountains, from our front deck and an occasional rainbow!!  Our best to those who have had terrible weather.



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