We are in Nebraska

On my last blog, I hoped that the cold front would stay with us, in order to have cooler temps.  You know the saying “Be careful what you wish for…”  We had heavy winds for several days, in AZ, NM and CO.  Especially in Colorado Springs; 70 mph gusts on Monday.  It was really bad.  The news said that it came from the “cold front.”  We are in North Platte, NE, tonight.  They had tornado warnings on Sunday, hail and wind yesterday and tonight the power was out for over 2 hours (who knows why?).  Needless to say, the power is back on; Jim is especially glad since he is watching the Lakers’ game.  We will be in Adams tomorrow and with the family.  We talked with Jina and Jerica today and they are ready for us!  Possibility of thunderstorms for a couple of days and then looks like sun and only 80o on Friday and Saturday.  Hope so.  We have been taking our time going East on this trip; but have not done any sightseeing or pictures.  Next posting will be of family.  Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

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