Back in NE

Yesterday, we met up with Jina and Bubby and all 6 of us went to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo.  It is a really good zoo and has several enjoyable venues:  Rainforest, Desert Dome, and all the usual animals.  It was a fun day, except Bubby had a bad fall while attempting to slide down a bannister on some steps.  We took him to the medical center and the nurse patched him up.  He was in pain, but able to continue with the zoo visit.  He had some abrasion and a bruise on his “tail bone.”  He seemed okay today. 

Last night we stayed in a hotel in Omaha and enjoyed the swimming pool and shared pizza with Jason, an ex-student of Jim’s with whom we have kept in contact.  (We had lunch with Jason and his wife, Tracy last Sunday).  Today, Jina and the kids went home and we are headed to Lincoln, to stay a couple of nights on our own.  We are going back to their house, Wednesday.  Then on the weekend, we plan to take Bubby to Omaha for a couple of days and go to some Museums:  Air and Space and a Railroad History one, for example.

I hope to add some pix of our time with the grandkids to an album in the next day or so.


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