NE to TX

We left our daughter’s house in NE, yesterday and are headed south.  Cheryl’s brother, Ben, in IN, was unable to get away to meet with us, so headed straight to TX, but on a slow boat.  We stayed last night in Wichita, KS and tonight in Oklahoma City, OK.  Getting hotter and muggier.  Oh, well, that is summer in the midwest and south.
Last weekend we went for 2 nights to Omaha, with grandson, Bubby, 16.  We asked him what he liked to do and he said history museums.  We started with the Strategic Air Command (SAC) west of Omaha with our own personal guide, Jason Bliley.  He is an ex-student of Jim’s who has worked and volunteered there for 12 years (as a “hobby”).  He is very knowledgeable and had great personal stories from veteran fliers/airmen that he had met at SAC.  (We were at SAC 8 years ago with Bubby and Jason was our tour guide then also; so…..every 8 years….)
The next day we went to DeSoto Wildlife Preserve and the Steamboat Exhibit, north of Omaha.  The Steamboat, Bertrand, went aground in 1865 and was discovered (it had been covered in silt and debris in an old part of the Missouri River) 100 years later.  No one died when it sank.  The cargo, mainly supplies for miners and pioneers in Montana territory, was still intact.  They have preserved much of it.  Amazing:  food and liquor sealed in bottles, tools, dishes, other kitchen tools, etc.  Even some clothing, boots and hats.
We also went to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs, IA (sister city to Omaha).  The displays here showed how the railroad was constructed and the obstacles they had to overcome to move it west.  In between, we visited the Taste of Omaha at 2 riverfront parks:  Lewis and Clark and Heartland.  Sampled local restaurant food and listened to local bands.  There were several other ideas of museums or exhibits to visit, but we all felt we had seen enough and did some “chill-axing” in the hotel room.
I will try to add some pix in the album today.  Those of you who know Bubby, will not believe how much he has grown.  Hard to say goodbye to all of them, but hope to come back for a visit in September.


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