Headed home

We have left the Houston area and Jim’s sister’s home in Spring, after visiting with she and husband, John for 5 days.  It was too hot (105o with heat index); but had a good visit.
On Saturday we had an interesting experience at the Saint Arnold’s Brewery in downtown Houston.  You pay an entry fee which includes a glass and 4 chips for fill ups of your choice of beer.  You get your beer (10 oz. glass; so 40 oz. for $7).  Then you basically stand around in a big warehouse (unless you are lucky enough to get one of the few places to sit or are veteran enough to bring your own chair).  The noise level is deafening.  They have large pretzels for sale for $3 each, with a 20 minute wait in line, and that is it.  People bring picnic baskets, pizzas or full meals and camp out there from 11 am to 2 pm.  Some are playing cards, others are just visiting (shouting at each other!!).  It is air conditioned well, so better than being in a park in all the heat.  Not sure why so many people go there every Saturday.  The beer was good; but we wouldn’t go there again.
We also spent a day touring the Galveston area.  It is being rebuilt after Hurricane Ike and looks pretty good, overall.  The beach was really packed on a Tuesday.  We heard that more people were there since the gulf coast is covered in oil.  Probably so.  We did not see any oil in TX area, it is all east of there.
Should be home in a few days; perhaps by Sunday.  It’s been a good trip, but will be glad to be in CA and in cooler weather.

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