Grandkids with us in CA

Bubby and Jerica arrived last Thursday night, late.  We have been having a good time trying to enjoy as much as we can in 12 days.  One day we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, attaching come photos.  We had  planned at day at the Orange County Fair, but instead had to take the grandson to medical clinic for an ear infection (too much under water swimming?).  He’s better now.  Jerica and Cheryl dressed up one afternoon and went to the movies, saw a cute one:  “Ramona and Beezus.”  Bubby spent another day (and night) with a friend in LA; quite an adventure.  We only have 2.5 days left, it has gone fast and we’ve all gotten along.  Bubby misses his girlfriends, but can text and TC often; as well as internet.  Of course, they both miss Mom and sister and the pets.  We are so glad that they are here.  It will be December before we see them again.

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