Hot Weather

We are still in So CA.  Up until about a week ago, the weather has been nice; then the heat started.  We don’t enjoy over 100o, even if it is dry.  So, this week we went toward the coast for a couple of days.  The temps were 20-30o cooler; I forgot to take a jacket, so was actually cold walking on Huntington Beach pier and Newport Beach area.  Wonderful!!  It also gave us the opportunity to visit some of our old haunts and favorite restaurants.  Had a nice lunch with Gayle for Chinese food and went to the American Legion in NB.  That’s always great.  Jim even ran into an old teacher friend from EHS; haven’t seen each other in 8-9 years.  The second afternoon we spent in Dana Point, at the Marina; beautiful weather.  When we left the coast it was 71o.  We drove the Ortega Highway home, #74 to Lake Elsinore.  Within 10 miles of heading inland it was 100o.  That’s Southern CA for you!  Anyway, today, in Corona it is supposed to not leave the 90’s and even cooler over the weekend.  Certainly hope so.  We want to play some tennis, but I wilt in the heat!!  Happy Summer to all, I can’t believe that Labor Day is around the corner.  Channel 7 news was in HB to film the big waves.  The surfers in Dana Pt were riding much smaller waves.

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