Splendor Cruise – 9/26-10/3

This was our second time on the Carnival Splendor; 17 days on it traveling from FL to Argentina.  We just did 7 days to the Mexican Riviera.  Enjoyed the ship and had a fun time with Curt (just retired) and Lana.  Not all fun, since Cheryl, Curt and Lana all had a day or 2 of illness.  Also it was really hot and humid in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.  The heat wave that hit Los Angeles and So CA reached down there.  Cabo San Lucas wasn’t as bad.  We went into town and had lobster and seafood at one of our favorite spots, Crazy Lobster.  Good food with cheaper prices and 2 for $3 beers.  Also had a really musical mariachi group.  Three part harmony and all played well too.  We requested 5 songs and they knew them all well:  Quizas, Quizas, Quizas; Cielito Lindo; La Paloma Blanca; Cu, cu, cu, curoo; and Malaguena (please forgive my spelling).  Anyway, I am attaching a  few pix from the cruise.  We didn’t take as many as usual.

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