Arrived in Buenos Aires

We landed in Buenos Aires at Ezeiza (funny name) airport at 6 am (2 am CA time), yesterday.  After traveling 20 hours with very little sleep, I was nodding off in the taxi ride into town (1 hour).  We checked into our apartment at 9 am; it is exactly like the pictures we saw online with ByT Argentina (the renting agency).  We met with Marta (the owner, Spanish speaking only) and Juan Pablo from ByT (pretty decent English).  I understood about 1/2 of what Marta said, but clarified all with JP.  It is comfortable and the bedroom is in back, away from noisy street.  The internet is cable, which is much safer, fast and reliable.  We ate lunch and dinner out at local restaurants, one from 2009 visit.  It (Greta) was better than the one recommended by Marta.  We also shopped at the SuperMercada for kitchen supplies.  We plan to eat breakfast and one other meal a day in the apt.  That’s all for now, later we will post some pictures of the apartment.  Hasta luego.  Cheryl and Jim

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