Walking around El Centro of BA

Yesterday was cool and a little rainy, high of 62o.  We ate a very nice lunch across the street from our apartment, a Cafe/Bar.  Jim had Parilla (grilled) beef with salad and I had 1/4 chicken baked (al horno) with salad.  Both were very good and not expensive, with a large beer to share and tip, about $14.
We then took the subway (Subte) for $.33 each to Florida St. (walking street for shopping and eating).  We saw 2 tango dancers and other street artists.  Jim loves to check prices on menus; there was a wide range.  One place that we had gone to on at least 2 of the other visits, Acapulco, had really raised its beef/steak prices.  We learned that this is true all over due to higher costs to the ranchers to raise cattle.  Inflation is a big problem in Argentina. (we heard 30% per year)  From Florida we walked to Corrientes and looked for the apartment building in which our Canadian friends will be staying; it looks like they are in a high rise hotel building.  The lobby is very nice; we hope their place is also.
Corrientes is a very busy street, 4 to 6 lanes wide; our apartment was on it, in 2009.  We walked along it back to our place; about one mile.  Jim’s foot held out pretty well.  He bought a long umbrella here ($9) that he can use as a cane, since he forgot to bring his.  We stopped at the Obelisco; a monument to their history, in the middle of the widest avenue (in So America), 9 de Julio (8+ lanes on each side).  One notation says that the National Flag was first flown in the city, at this spot on a tower of San Nicolas Church, 1800’s.  I’m posting a picture from there plus others to the Buenos Aires album, below.  There are always many pedestrians in the city and the subway, at 3:00 p.m. was very full.  You can really tell that we are in a large city, but yet it feels friendlier than LA or NYC.
It was a little more difficult to find a good place for dinner.  Our close cafe/bar closes at 7 p.m., but other restaurants do not open until 8.  We had experienced this timing difficulty before.  With searching for a place to eat (and not being as lucky as for lunch), we walked another mile.  Both of us were ready to stay in after dinner.  The cable TV (13 in), this time does not have any news in English.  All the English channels are for movies, reruns of sitcoms or crime dramas and music.  Jim gets his news from the internet, thank goodness for that.  Well, more in a day or so, Cheryl

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