Many people had said that the best neighborhood for shopping in BA is Once.  It is about 12 blocks to the heart of it from our apartment.  We took the Subway to Pueyrredon Ave. and then walked all around.  There were the most clothing stores that we have ever seen, filling blocks and blocks (prices no cheaper than USA).  Then as we walked farther, the shops changed to fabric and sewing needs.  Also shops for purses, shoes, etc.  Not too many cafe/restaurants in the area.
There were fewer trees than in the neighborhood of our apartment, so we felt that it was not as attractive.  We were looking for rubber tips for the chairs in our apartment, a couple are cracked and we don’t want to scrape the hardwood floor.  Of course, the hardware (ferreteria) stores were just around the corner from home!!  Anyway, we wanted to see the area of Once.  We still may buy a cane for Jim; he does not want to carry the umbrella when it is sunny.  We saw several in San Telmo, yesterday, but they were antiques and very expensive.  He just wants a plain wooden one.  No one seems to know what type of shop would sell them.  We will continue to search and ask.  That’s always a fun then to do in a strange city; an adventure.  Ciao.

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