We took it easy today, but the city was bustling.  Buenos Aires residents (Portenos) are really into protests and demonstrations.  We knew something was happening, but since no news in English on TV, we weren’t sure.  I found a web page for the only English speaking newspaper (Buenos Aires Herald) and figured out a little from the local TV station, in Spanish.  The biggest demonstration was about 2 blocks from us and one person died from gunshot and 2 others wounded.  Life in the big city.  The news always blames it on unions and “left wing factions”, but there are evidently at least 2 sides to make a confrontation.  Disagreements over promises from government and employers, etc.  Tomorrow there is supposed to be a big strike, not sure what workers will be involved.  Since today included railroad employees, we think it will be more transportation related.  May mess up some plans for a train ride to the delta, El Tigre.  Good news is that the garbage collectors’ strike ended yesterday, so the piles of garbage should be dwindling down.  There has not been any smell from them, and since no rain, not too messy.  Most of their strikes last from one hour to 1 or 2 days.  When we were out today (and Doug and Dianne also), we had no problems and saw no danger.  All okay, Cheryl and Jim

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