Strike in Buenos Aires

We did not go to El Tigre today, advised by several sources to wait until the general strike is over. We walked around the Congreso (Congress building) and Tribunal (Court buildings) and tried to visit the Teatro Colon (beautiful old theater that has been restored).  They are not giving tours and the concert that we wanted to attend is sold out except for Standing room.  Anyway, on the way back to our apartment, we found a big demonstration.  The 2 major streets near us, Corrientes and Callao are totally blocked by demonstrators with banners, drums, sticks, and fireworks.  Unlike the USA, they still fight with fists, not knives, although someone had a gun yesterday.  Supposedly the umbrella labor union for transportation workers, CTA, has called for a general strike for 24 hours.  We are checking online with Buenos Aires Herald ( and Trip Advisor and watching TV news in Spanish.  Hey, we’re talking excitement (Jim says, “fun”).  All of this is done without permits and “spur of the moment”.  The police just watch and try to keep some kind of control.  I’m putting some pix on this blog and more in the album below.

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