Interesting Info

Some info that I had not shared before.  This time, our apartment owner gave us a cell phone to use with 30 pesos credit (about $8 USD).  That has been nice to have available for making contacts.  I am able to carry it around (feels like home) and use for whatever calls we need.  Also, the internet is cable and very reliable.  We are making Skype telephone calls with no problem
A little excitement yesterday; we knew that you have to be careful about crossing streets; the pedestrian does not have the right of way.  Yesterday, I (Cheryl) did not look the correct direction and stepped out in front of a very fast moving bus.  A local man yelled “veo” (look) and Jim yelled “No”.  I froze for a second or two and then dashed back.  It was close.  Our adrenaline was pumping for a few minutes.
Today we made reservations for a concert at the newly renovated Teatro Colon for standing room.  We decided that we would pay the $6.50 each and stay as long as we could handle standing in order to see the theater and hear the music:  William Tell Overture and Gustav Holz’ “Planets”.  We also hope to see a show called Fuerza Bruta, on Sunday.   It is said to be a cross between Circus de Soleil and Stomp; very international and sensual.
The National Census in Argentina is done in a very different way than USA.  On Wednesday, 10/27, it is a national holiday and everyone is told to stay home.  The census takers come to your home and count all that are there.  The shops and restaurants are closed from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.  But public transportation runs on a cut-back schedule.  Maybe it works better this way??
We have learned a lot from Trip Advisor on internet; our apartment rental company reps, ByT Argentina and our great travel consultant, Priscilla with Equinoxe Travel.  We are having a really good time with our Canadian friends, Doug and Dianne.  Mostly, we have not talked with locals, but have had some great waiters at the cafes.  We really like our apartment and the locale.  Manana, Cheryl

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