Our Calendar

Yesterday we met with our favorite Travel Agent, Priscilla with Equinoxe Travel.  We met her in 2009 and became friends.  Since we did not actually book anything with her back then, and she gave us lots of useful information, we gave her a gift when we were leaving.  She is still using the small Carnival thermos; it works well for her at work to make mate’.  (This is the favorite drink of Argentines; they call it an herbal tea.  It is bitter and needs lots of sugar; looks like ground up leaves and twigs.)  Anyway…. this time we have been to see her 3 times and yesterday we actually gave her some money for reservations.  All 4 of us are going to a Gaucho Fiesta at Estancia de Santa Susana next week.  We have been to 2 before and it’s a fun day.  We also paid for a RT bus to San Antonio de Areco for their traditional day of the Gauchos and for a bus to Cordoba when we leave Buenos Aires on 11/13.  It will be an all night “cama suite” bus with seats that are wide and lay all the way down for sleeping.  They are very comfortable.
Our calendar also includes a concert in the newly renovated Teatro Colon to hear the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra.  We have to be in standing spots, since all seats were taken, but want to see inside and hear the orchestra; William Tell Overture and the Planets by Gustav Holst.  Jim says he can stand long enough for each number and then take a quick sitting break in the lobby.  Another show that we hope to see this Sunday is called Fuerza Bruta.  It is playing at the Recoleta Cultural Center and is highly recommended.  We will be going for last minute, discount tickets.
We are having a good time with our friends, Doug and Dianne; many laughs.  Next Monday, we will all meet with a young friend from 2009.  Alejandra was a waitress at the corner bar, Genesis and we talked with her many times.  We even met her mother.  Since then we have kept in contact by email and Facebook.  Jim has made contact with another couple through Trip Adviser, Janell and Larry.  They are from Baton Rouge, LA and will be coming to Buenos Aires on the 29th.  We have planned a meeting that night at another of our favorite local cafes, Greta.  We are getting to know the waiters at our favorite places and remembering their names.  You definitely get better service when you are friendly.  The last trip that we want to schedule is a day or 2 at Mar de Plata, the closest beach town to Buenos Aires.  That probably will be the first week in November.  The calendar is shaping up, Hasta manana, Cheryl

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