Fantastic Show

Fuerza Bruta was great.  We all said it
is the best.  Hard to explain if you are not there.  I’m attaching a
photo here and will add more to the album tomorrow.  You really get
involved and are standing the whole hour and dancing and cheering and
interacting with the actors/dancers.  Wow!!!  We only paid $8.40 here, but
in NYC, where it is also showing would be at least 10x that.  Try to guess what this picture is of.

2 responses to “Fantastic Show

  1. just re-read your blogs re. S.America – what a good time we had with you two-sure wish I could talk Dug into joing you in Spain for the cruise , it would be a hoot, hope your both well – Diannexo

    • I forget to read the comments. Just thought I would catch up. Yes, would love to have you join us in Spain and the cruise. How about next year for the Hawaii to Australia cruice?? Or before that somewhere else. Our best

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