More Pictures

I’ve put more pictures in the Argentina album, almost up to 50.  The ones from Fuerza Bruta are hard to make out, sorry.  No flash was allowed and the lightening changed so quickly.  If you want to solve the mystery of the photo from last night, go to the last 2 or 3 pictures.  The answer is there.  We still can’t stop talking about the experience.  It turns out that my cousin, Jimmy, has been to the show in NYC.  I’m asking him questions about the differences.  Some of the situations would appear to be against safety codes in the USA, although we never felt afraid.  The stage crew/staff were ever watchful and courteous.  Also, I want to know what was the price.  Anyway, today is a quiet day; laundry, etc. and meeting our friend Alejandra tonight.  Tal, Cheryl

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