El Tigre today

Last night we had a fun evening with our friend from 2009, Alejandra.  We first met her at the corner bar, Genesis; she was our waitress.  We hit it off and learned later that the reason she was extra friendly to us is that her father looks like Jim, but with green eyes.  She does not have any of his coloring.  We have kept contact via email and facebook.  She speaks very good English and is a fun 23 year old lady.
Today we spent the day in El Tigre, in the delta with Doug and Dianne.  You take a 40-50 minute light rail train for $.35 each way.  We have been there every other visit also and in 2004, our first time, we stayed a few days there in a B & B.  It is a very nice get away from the city and there are many islands with waterways and public boat transportation.  I am attaching a picture of the river and of Alejandra and will put more pictures in our album, maybe tomorrow night.  In the morning we are going to the Gaucho Fiesta; leaving at 9:15 am.  Hasta Manana.  Cheryl

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