Estancia today

I have added pictures to the album for El Tigre and the Ranch visit, today- Estancia Santa Susana.  The album is getting large, I guess I’ll start a new one soon, so that you don’t have to look through them all for the latest photos.  It was a fun day, maybe a little too much wine and beer, but hey it’s included!!  Nice ranch, museum and grounds and the weather was perfect.  We were also entertained with music and dance and the gauchos on horseback.  Dianne rode behind one for a short ride.  Unfortunately, no functioning camera was present.  Today was the census day; everyone stayed home and shops, restaurants and businesses were closed.  That made for less traffic and gave us something to do on a very slow day.  Tomorrow we are taking it easy and Friday and Saturday it is supposed to rain.  Our best, Cheryl  The second picture is of one of the city parks with all the people sitting out enjoying the weather, after being counted in the census.  They had no place to go since everything is closed until 8 p.m.  We have never seen so many people just out and about. 

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