Rainy day

Today it was cool and rainy.  We changed our plans to do some subway travel and walking.  Doug and Dianne came to our apartment and we found out we have another thing in common.  They play Euchre!!  It is a card game that we learned in the midwest and they also play in Ontario, Canada.  Lots of fun for a rainy day.  Then tonight we met our Trip Adviser friends, Janell and Larry from Baton Rouge, LA.  They arrived today and after resting were ready to meet us for drinks and dinner at Greta Cafe.  It was a fun visit.  So much, that none of the 6 of us remembered to take a photo.  We’ll get some tomorrow.  We are meeting Janell and Larry to show them around the Congreso and MicroCenter areas.
Nestor Kirchner’s body laid in state this morning and then was flown home to Patagonia area, Calafate for a private funeral.  So many people both here in the city watching the procession and in Calafate.  Truly a royal event.  Ciao

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