Walked at least 5 miles today

Yesterday was an easy day, it was cool, cloudy and windy.  We went out for lunch, groceries and to check on our bus tickets at the big Bus Station, Retiro.  We read, did internet and watched “The Rally to Restore Sanity” on c-span.  Jim’s foot was hurting after only that little walking.
Today, we met up with Doug and Dianne at noon and started walking.  Jim had decided to wear his brace for the first time on this trip.  We put extra mole skin on his foot where the worst abrasion happens.  The plan was to take a taxi part of the way, but we just kept on going with stops to rest.  At one rest stop, Jim finally got a hotdog, with mustard and onions; first one since CA.  He really enjoyed it.  Our destination was San Telmo for the Sunday arts and crafts and artists street fair.  We went there 2 weeks ago and thought it was crowded; but that was nothing compared to today.  Wow, the mass of humanity.  Dianne and I did a little “window shopping” and I ended up buying some finger puppets for the youngest granddaughter (don’t tell, Jina).
Janell and Larry (Baton Rouge friends) met us there.  Amazing that we found each other.  We walked around some and wanted to find a place to eat and have drinks, but everything was full.  So, kept walking.  Finally found a place out of the tourist area on Paseo Colon.  This was finally about 3:30 and it was full, but by the time we left at 5:00 p.m. it was almost empty.  They definitely eat at different times than back home.
After our meal, we walked several blocks more to Plaza de Mayo and saw the remnants of the signs of Kirchner’s death.  We had wanted to take the Subte, line A, it is the oldest and historical, but it is evidently closed on Sundays; so more walking.
Many of our pictures today were of some of the great architecture in this city.  Old, European style buildings.  Really a great day.  The good news is that after at least 5 miles of street walking and many steps inside the subway system, Jim did not have abrasion on his foot.  It is sore, but not red and cracked.  Maybe we learned something.  Perhaps he will need to take it easy tomorrow, we shall see, Manana, Cheryl

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