Another day in Buenos Aires

So… the elections are over in USA.  We were happy with some results and not with others; same as everyone else.  Hopefully everybody can work together to solve the countries problems.  Enough politics.
For us, here in Argentina, yesterday was a taking care of business day, so to speak:  laundry, shopping, ATM, pedicure for me, and adding more money to the cell phone.  They had a promotion, so we received double the time that we paid for; will probably leave some behind.
In the evening Doug and Dianne joined us and we went to Congreso (Building of Congress) again, another great photo.  We ate at Gran Taberna, for the second time, and had the same fantastic seafood meal.  This time we also were able to take photos, since at 7:10 p.m. we were their only customers.  They opened the doors for us (closed between 4 and 7 p.m.).   Afterwords, we rode the historic Subte’ A again with Doug and Dianne and it was less crowded, so got some better pix.  These will all be in the Argentina No. 2 album.
While walking on our street, Riobamba, Monday and yesterday, we remarked on this little house jammed between dull office buildings with a huge palm treet in front.  The sign seems to say that it is the Institute for Socialistic Thinking.  Interesting…..  Our best, as always, Cheryl and Jim

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