Palermo and cooking lesson

It was a nice day, yesterday with our friends.  Alejandra joined us at our apartment at noon and we showed her how to use the subway (she uses the buses) and we met up with Doug and Dianne at the Calloa station on Subte’ D.  We rode it for several stops to Plaza Italia in Palermo.  This is a nice region of Buenos Aires with parks, trees, a Botanical Garden and Zoo.  Since we were all hungry we searched first for a nice cafe with good prices.  After empanadas and tarts (tricolor with spinach and squash, a little boring), we were ready to walk.  It was a fairly hot day (85o) and humid, so we strolled in the Botanical Garden.  The jacaranda trees there are very large and a few are starting to blossom.  Five years ago at this time these trees were in full bloom and many parks were totally purple; looking forward to this again.
The zoo looked very interesting; not large, but only at little over $5 for the day including a boat tour, jungle and more.  It was agreed by all that this should be a full day excursion, by itself.  It seemed that we were all in agreement about this being a lazy day; a little more strolling, some beer and then the bus home.  Alejandra showed us how to ride Bus No. 12 back to within 1/2 block of our apartment.
Jim had agreed to give Alejandra some cooking lessons; she wants to cook more menu items for her boyfriend.  Tonight it was spaghetti and meat sauce with salad and garlic bread.  While they started on the meat sauce, Cheryl and Doug and Dianne discussed our plans for traveling to Cordoba and Salta and possible hotels.  Researched some on the internet.  Cheryl made the garlic bread and noodles and then we all “pigged out” with red wine.  Very fun evening.
Tonight we are going to the big Concert Theater, Teatro Colon, for an orchestra concert.  Although we only have standing places, we are looking forward to seeing inside this beautiful, renovated building and hearing the concert.  The first piece is the “William Tell Overture.”

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