Latest Happenings

I had planned to have pictures of inside of the beautiful Teatro Colon after the concert last night.  However, the concert was canceled at the last minute (we were at the doors waiting) due to a worker’s strike.   It seems like every section of the society will have a strike while we are here!  Today it is the Argentina Airlines Pilots striking and messing up many flights at the airport.  They have a lot to protest, I guess.  “Paro” (strike) is definitely in our Spanish vocabulary.
Also, last night we had a first time experience.  I had worn a nice necklace to the concert.  Bright and pretty, but not expensive; my whale tale with star opal.  We walked on the pedestrian mall after leaving the theater, Lavalle street.  I had forgotten that I had the necklace on.  It was an easy target for the thief who grabbed it and ran.  He was tall and came up behind me, reached over my shoulder and grabbed the whale tail, yanked and split.  I only felt a whisper of movement and a little scratch.  Jim was beside me and could not react fast enough, the robber was so quick.  Other people saw it, but he was out of sight, around the corner and covered by darkness.  It shook me up a little and I was mad at myself for leaving it on, but not harmed.  We found out that our Canadian lady friend had also had a necklace taken off her, on their first morning.  It was expensive.  The robber was stopped and searched by the police, but he did not have it, had passed it off to an accomplice, we guess.
As you have seen from my blogs, we have had mostly good experiences here.  But it is like any big city in the world, there is a criminal element and you have to be cautious.  Sometimes it takes an incident to keep you on your toes.  Generally I keep anything valuable in my security pouch inside my pants and only have a small amount of money in my purse, which I keep close.  We also watch to see who is around us, but last night we let our guard down.  Sadder but wiser, Cheryl and Jim

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