On our own

The last three days we have been on our own.  On Monday, it was a lazy, rainy day; we only went across the street for lunch and to the grocery around the corner.  Tuesday, Doug and Dianne left for Iguazu and Janell and Larry were at an Estancia.  Alejandra and her boyfriend, Lucas went fishing.  Again, we ate lunch out and then checked out a couple of hotels near here for our last 2 nights in Argentina, Nov. 28 and 29.  Surprisingly there is a nice Best Western which is not too expensive.
We also spent quite a bit of time trying to get news on the Carnival Splendor.  Since we are very familiar with this ship and spent 17 days in 2009 on it going down to Argentina from Florida, we were dismayed to hear of it being adrift.  We can’t image how bad it has been for the passengers.  It could have happened in September, when we took it for the second time out of Long Beach.  Today, we read that they are being fed spam and pop tarts with water; there is only cold water and the inside cabins don’t have electricity.  The fire happened Monday 6 a.m. and they may not reach San Diego (being towed) until tomorrow (Thursday) p.m.  Anyway, we were able to learn about it quite easily at latimes.com.  Even more uptodate than LA area TV channels.
Today we went to Puerto Madero, the port area, on the Subte’.  After seeing the Puente de la Mujer, we met a nice young lady who spoke very good English, Gaby.  She was not only helpful regarding local restaurants, but also had some tips on Tucuman and Salta (our destinations next week).  We had a very nice chat during her lunch hour break.  She loves to travel and still takes pictures of her native Buenos Aires.  She took this picture of us in front of the bridge. It is called The Bridge of the Woman and is supposed to look like abstract Tango dancers.
This morning there appeared to be more marches and protests; state workers, maybe teachers.  We heard fireworks and saw pictures live on the Spanish TV news.  We saw a police roadblock, yesterday, but it was removed soon after; apparently the march was over.  Except for sometimes being inconvenienced, we are not in any danger, however.  Our biggest concern is having our travel plans delayed or canceled.  That is why we plan to get back to Buenos Aires a couple of days before our flight home.  We have taken some more pictures of the grand buildings here, which I will add to our photo album.  Tomorrow we will see Doug and Dianne and Alejandra; she wants to cook for us.  Yum, Ciao

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