Made it to Cordoba after a long day and night.  Checked out of our wonderful little apartment at noon yesterday and hugged our landlady, Marta, goodbye.  She was great.  We then had to hang around and use up time until the 10:15 p.m. overnight bus.  Part of the time, we spent watching the Buenos Aires Marathan with 1000s of runners.  We had front row seats at a little outdoor cafe at Diagonal Norte and Carlos Pelligrini, near the Obelisk.  The only problem was the danger in flying water bottles as the runners grabbed them and drank or pored on their heads and then tossed toward the sidewalk.  We have some good photos and will post later.
Today, after not sleeping much on the bus (seats were wide and comfortable for sitting, but not so much for sleeping), we have walked around the city center of Cordoba.  Our hotel, Garden Hotel, is on a walking street, 25 de Mayo and seems well located.  We will explore more during the next 2 days.  I hope to post pictures later after my second nap!  The city is beautiful and has some wonderful old buildings, like BA.  More later, Cheryl

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