Back in Buenos Aires

We survived the “bus ride from h&&l” as Dianne labeled.  I think
we’ve all had worse, but this one is among the worst.  It lasted 11
hours with many stops for locals; the rain leaked in and all the floor
was wet; the Bano (toilet) was dirty, a broken seat and did not flush
well with 2 inches of water on the floor; no food service as promised
and only 2 stops where you could get off for 15-20 minutes for a clean
bathroom and something to eat or drink.  We had brought cheese,
crackers, cucumber, etc, so did not starve.  The seats were also very
uncomfortable with cracks in the vinyl.  This was the first time we have
used this company, Sierras de Cordoba; and never will again.  We chose
it for the departure time, 8 a.m. and it looked like it would take about
the same time as all the others.  Our experiences with Via Tac,
Chevalier and FlechBus were all much better.
Anyway, we made it here and checked into our hotel, The Best
Western, Central Hotel about 7:30 p.m.  We had reserved a suite for $90
in order to treat ourselves during the last 3 nights.  Our suite was
nice with separate bedroom and a little kitchen area.  While looking
through the cupboards, I found a bag which contained leftovers from
someones fried chicken meal.  When the desk clerk came up with our cup
(about 4 cubes) of ice, we let him know.  (Also the door was open when
we got there).  He checked further and came to tell us that they wanted
to change rooms for us.  I said it was alright otherwise, but he said
they were upgrading us to a penthouse suite.  I checked out 3 different
ones and chose the best.  It’s on the 7th floor with  nice size
balcony.  Since Jim is still sick and I now have a cold, this will be a
nice place to recuperate!!  The only problem is that, again the internet
signal is weak.  If  I go out into the hall and point at the router in
the ceiling, it is strong.  So will do that to add pictures!!
Well, not much more to report for now.  We are on the downhill slide, so to speak.  Hope to have some fun on Tuesday with Alejandra, on Jim’s birthday and then wait until midnight to head to the airport.  Until then, we are attempting to stay up later to adjust back to CA time (5 hours earlier than here).  I made it to midnight last night, but Jim faded earlier.  Hope everyone is staying well, Saludos, Cheryl and Jim

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