Home in CA

Our last day in Buenos Aires, on Jim’s birthday, November 30 was really, really long.  We had to check out of our hotel at 12 noon; left our luggage there.  Alejandra joined us and we went to San Telmo.  Finally we saw some Tango dancers. They were performing in the Plaza Dorego and we ate lunch there.  Except for the pigeons, it was a pleasant time.  Afterwords we walked to Casa Rosada and Plaza de San Martin. Finally we went by Subte back to the Congreso area and had some drinks at Genesis; the bar where we met Alejandra in 2009.  Her boyfriend, Lucas joined us after he got off work. During the time that we were in there, it rained really hard.  So we waited it out.  Finally at 7 p.m., they left to go home and we headed back to the hotel.  They had some couches in the restaurant area, so we lounged there for three hours; internet, read and napped a little.  Finally at 12 midnight we took a taxi to the airport.  Our flight loaded at 2:30 a.m. and we finally got some sleep.
To put it short, we were not able to sleep in a bed for over 40 hours; after 18 hours of flying and airport layover, we had to get a rental car and Jim drove us home, the last 1 hour.  Wow, were we wiped out!!  We are still recuperating.  I, Cheryl had a cold which started on the 28th and Jim still had his congestion, so needed our sleep.  Finally we have rested up!!  We had a great time in Argentina and glad we went, but are glad to be home, as always.  It’s cool here, but not so bad as the poor people in Buffalo, NY.  Our best to all; enjoy the holiday season, Cheryl and Jim

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