Holiday Wishes

While we are at home, there is less to post, as you can see.  We are over our colds, but Jim had more allergies after doing some trimming of our vines and bushes.  Oh, well.  At least, this weekend we have wonderful weather, maybe 90o today and sunshine.  We are enjoying seeing friends and being at home.  It is only for 15 days; we leave again this coming Thursday.  Our first stop will be Laughlin, NV and then we will drive east through Arizona, New Mexico, a little of Texas and Oklahoma and then a lot of Kansas, on our way to Nebraska.  It is cold and wet back there now; no telling what we will find, weather-wise on our trip.  That’s the way it is, in the wintertime, as always.
Since we are only here a brief time, we did not get a tree or put up outside lights.  I did, however, put out inside decorations and have been shopping.  Yesterday, was my father’s birthday; a good day to send e-cards and make telephone calls to family.  I was able to talk with an aunt and uncle in Florida and my older brother and neice in Indiana.  Good to hear their voices and to keep in contact with loved ones.
We send our sincere wishes to everyone for good holidays times with family and friends and hopes for a good New Year in 2011.  Love, Cheryl and Jim

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