Sedona, AZ

Entering Oak Creek Canyon

Snow clinging to every tree along highway

More trees and small road with snow

View of canyon and trees from side window

Closeup of branches loaded with snow

Snow on Red Cliffs near Sedona

After so much trouble with the snow, ice and wind and interstate closures Dec. 30 and 31; we finally enjoyed the snow.  This drive through Oak Creek Canyon on Highway 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona, is always beautiful, but yesterday it was exceptionally so.  Snow clung to everything, but the highway surface was clear and dry.  Perfect conditions.  Since it is warming up, the snow will be gone soon.  Hopefully you can get an idea of the beauty, but of course it was better to actually experience it.

We are in Sedona for one week at a very nice timeshare condo, Sedona Summit.  We have a large, deluxe 1 bedroom unit.  We plan to take some scenic drives, walk (supposed to be in the 40’s all week) and enjoy our condo.  Jim cooked dinner last night and is enjoying football on TV.   We didn’t think that we would have free internet in the unit, but since our service is through AT&T, we were able to get connected.   Our best to all.


3 responses to “Sedona, AZ

  1. My,my, you two do get around. We’re glad to see you are safe and sound in Sedona. Larry has Sedona connections. His Aunt Lee is married to Larry Schnebly – grandson of Sedona Schnebly! Larry Schnebly’s granddaughter is named Sedona after her great-great-grandmother.
    Happy New Year and many more safe travels!


    • Sorry, I don’t monitor these emails often, as you can see. Also, since we are now home, haven’t had much to post on the web page. I guess Jim sent you a message back on TA in response to your PM. We are coming through Baton Rouge on the way to Florida, not sure of the date in March. If you will be home, we will keep you up to date on that and try to meet for lunch or something. Our best and Happy New Year. Cheryl

  2. tom & nancy vineski

    Finally found the site! Great photos from Sedona and an ambitious spring cruise schedule. We need to get serious about some of your travel site recommendations. THere’s too much world out there! Happy trails

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