At home

There’s not a lot new here at home in So CA; so I haven’t posted much. The weather has been really nice with mostly sunshine and last week, several days in the 80’s. This weekend is a little cooler, but still great in comparison to most of the rest of the country.

Since returning home, on the 8th, we’ve been playing a lot of tennis, walking and ping ponging (new word?). Also, catching up with friends and doing home maintenance. We ended up paying a handyman to clean up the mud/debris on the patio. Some neighbors still have a mess to deal with from the December flooding.

I have to add a note, as a proud Grandma. Our middle grandchild, 8 year old Jerica just donated 11 inches of beautiful, thick, golden hair to “Locks of Love.” She still has plenty and the shorter cut looks good on her. The 4 year old wanted to also, but would have been almost bald if she gave the needed 10 inches. So glad that they, and our daughter wanted to help others.


2 responses to “At home

  1. WOW how neat of Jerica to do that. She has such beautiful hair, thick and know it will be helpful for anyone needing it====Good Girl Jerica.
    Hugs and Kisses

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