All is well

Still enjoying the good weather in So CA. Did take a quick 3 day/2 night visit to Laughlin with good friends Curt and Lana. Lana won a little at gambling, but the rest of us were not so lucky.
Both Jim and I had the fun experience of having colonoscopies, TMI? Anyway, all is well. Just gotta check the body out, you know. When we are at home, we catch up on all those medical issues: eyes, teeth, skin, etc. So far, so good. Some of our closest friends, here, are not doing well, health wise, so we are trying to help out as needed.
On a lighter note, Jim is having fun planning our upcoming road trip to FL and even more excited about the cruise in October. He is on several times a day communicating with new friends. One exciting development, friends that we got to know last year through CC and who were on the cruise to Hawaii, are joining us on the Carnival Magic: Jim and Diane from Ohio. That will be fun to spend more time with them. They even play Euchre!! Our best to all and hope you can stay warm and dry.


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