Corona to Yuma

Started our road trip today. From Corona, we went through Borrego Springs to see if the desert wildflowers were as beautiful as we have seen before. Either we were too late or the season was not a good one. We saw yellow Brittle Bush and some red tipped Ocotillos; not much more.

Next we went to Algodones, MX for consultations with dental offices. Cheryl does not have complete dental insurance, so checking prices. Many Americans and Canadians go there for all their dental care. It is one of the safest border towns, with 100-200 dental and medical offices near the border. Also got some pharmaceuticals and a little food and drink. It was 93 degrees at 5:00 p.m. while we were in line for the border; only took 45 minutes.

Tonight we are in Yuma, AZ and will head to Las Cruces, NM tomorrow, about 525 miles; all interstate. Seeing a good friend there tomorrow night for dinner. I’ll post a few pictures asap.


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