Family in Florida

We have spent the last 3 days visiting with Cheryl’s aunt, uncle and cousin in Tampa: Amy, Jim and Jim, Jr. They have a lovely home, on a waterway with my natural habitat; even alligators, but we didn’t see them this time. Amy has gone through breast cancer with chemo and back surgeries, but is still hanging in there and likes to laugh and enjoy life. Jim, Jr. is back home temporarily, due to loss of job. He is a drummer in 2 or 3 bands and gives drum lessons; we heard one of the bands. A little too loud, fast and hard rock for us. After a late breakfast, today, we are headed to Miami and our cruise starts tomorrow. It’s been fun and we look forward to seeing more of the FL family after we return, April 10. I probably will not post during the next 2 weeks; enjoy.


2 responses to “Family in Florida

  1. Don’t rent vehicle storage from the Comfort Inn in Miami Springs(by the airport) it may not be there when you return, mine wasn’t/

  2. We left our van at the cruise terminal; garage parking. It seems pretty secure and the good news is, with handicap tag, it´s FREE!

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