Celebrations on the Glory

As I said, earlier, we celebrated my (Cheryl’s) 60th BD and our 35th anniversary during last week, on the Carnival Glory. Friends from home had given me a tiara with “60” on it and I wore it all day on the 6th. I got some funny looks, but mostly well wishes and the much appreciated remarks of “no way, you can’t be 60.” I said, I might as well laugh and make light of it! I splurged for a massage at the spa; A Thai Aroma one, 80 min for way too much money, but really enjoyable. That night, our friends, Boonthip and Lhito ordered a special cake and the wait staff sang. Jim had paid for decorations for our suite and I brought more from the party at home. The cabin was really festive!!
On our anniversary, the 9th, Thip and Lhito again surprised us with a dinner at the Steak House (extra charge). It was really nice with filet mignon and lobster. We had to cancel our special lobster order with Erma (YTD Hostess). We went by afterwards to see the wait staff and explain why we missed eating at our usual table for the last night. Twice during the cruise, we received bottles of champagne, signed, Carnival Cruise lines. And, still another surprise, Wi, cabin steward friend, put 6 large cans (32 oz.) of Foster’s beer in the cabin, 2 of them on ice!! We really had a great week!


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