Fun with Crew Friends

One of the reasons we chose the Glory was because our good friends, Boonthip (Thai) and Lhito (Filipino) were tending bar on it. We have known Thip for 8 years and met Lhito later; they married 2 years ago. We have done day trips with them at ports of call: St. Maarten, Acapulco, and on this cruise: Grand Turks, Cozumel, and Roatan, Honduras. Through them, we met even more crew on the Glory: Nareelucks (Thai), Mylene (Filipina), Rachata (Thai) and Tharnthip (Thai, “little Thip”). They all really added to our enjoyment of the cruises. We also got to know Erma Tidon, our Dining Room Hostess in “Your Time Dining.” She was able to reserve a table for us and we had special order Filipino food twice: Pansit at dinner and for breakfast, Tapsilog. She was really great! Of course, as stated in the last post, we spent time with Wi (Wirat), our cabin steward. Three years ago, in Cabo San Lucas, he had time to get off the ship and join us for lunch. We really appreciate knowing these people, sharing experiences with them, and learning about their lives. Since we are big travelers, even “world citizens”, it’s really good to get to know people from other countries. Also, as posted before, we visited Wi in Thailand and hope one day to see some of the other crew friends in their home countries.


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