Bok Tower Gardens and old Florida

Yes, there really is a part of Florida that has not been changed by Disney World, and over-development. Since I, Cheryl, remember the Florida of my childhood, it was my goal to find some of it. We visited historic Kissimmee and had a nice picnic lunch at the Lakefront park. After that, we explored St. Cloud to try and find the house where my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Francis lived. It is no longer there, but some of the old citrus groves are still standing. It seemed to me that there was more Spanish moss than at any other visit. The docent guide at Bok Tower said it was because there had not been heavy storms in the last year, to blow it off the trees. It is a bromeliad and gets its nutrients from the air and water; not a moss at all.
Bok Tower and its gardens in Lake Wales was a fond memory from “long ago.” The tower was finished in 1929 on the highest spot in central Florida (under 300 ft.). It was designed and build by Edward W. Bok (He also was the editor of Ladies Home Journal for many years and a peace advocate). Although we didn’t see many of the flowers in bloom, it is a very nice place to visit. “The Singing Tower” houses a carillon with 60 bronze bells weighing 16 lbs to 12 tons. The concert and twice hourly chimes that we heard were recorded, the “carillonneur” had the day off. Still awesome. The visit gave me a “warm and fuzzy” feelings.


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