National Parks

During the last part of this trip, in between visiting family, we found some beautiful NPS spots. The first one was new to both of us, in Northeast Alabama. The Little River Canyon National Preserve includes waterfalls and the deepest canyon in the eastern USA. Some view points were close to 1300 ft. above the river. It was a really beautiful place and we enjoyed a picnic lunch. The Dogwoods were in full bloom in the woods along the Canyon Rim Drive.

Two days later, we visited the Vicksburg National Military Park. The Civil War battles that took place in and around Vicksburg were important because when the Union finally captured the city (after a 46 day siege), the Mississippi River was controlled by the North. The south was cut in half and the North was able to receive necessary supplies. The Park covers 1800 acres and has around 1300 monuments. Grant’s army came from many states and each has honored their dead soldiers. When we started the 16 mile circle route, we had planned to spend some time here. However, within 10 minutes the skies darkened; it was as dark as night and then heavy rain with thunder and lightening came. We hurried to the Visitor’s center and got pretty wet getting inside. So, we made do with watching the video and viewing the displays. Very interesting history. I remember visiting this site along with other Civil War Battle Parks as a child.


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