Family and Tornadoes

We have been home for almost a week; good to be here. The last few days have been pretty windy, but only “straight-line” wind. As can be seen from previous posts, several of our family visits were in towns/areas where the tornadoes hit one week after we were there (April 27-8). We actually drove the highways from NE Alabama through Huntsville, Birmingham and Tuscaloosa that tornadoes followed. Fortunately I was able to reach everyone and they are okay. My Uncle Bob and Aunt Doris in Huntsville had the most problem, with power out for days. However they and their home were fine and they were going to stay with one of the sons for a few days. Niece Tamra, near Tyler, TX told us that a tornado had done damage in the town where we had dinner with them, Edom. We “dodged the bullet”, but unfortunately many did not; such bad destruction. Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected.

Happy Birthday to Ben, Cheryl’s brother. They have had a lot of rain in the Evansville, IN area and tornado warnings; but all the family are fine, there. So far, Jina and grandkids in Nebraska have not been hit by tornadoes or large hail. Can’t believe how many of our family are in tornado prone areas!! Oh well, the rest have hurricanes, fires and/or earthquakes. Take care, everyone.


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