Cold in So CA

We have been home for 3.5 weeks now; the weather has been quite variable (as with much of USA). This week we are having winter weather with cold temps and rain. On Tuesday, 5/17, the weatherman on one channel said that there had never been any rain on this day in recorded history, so our .10 of an inch was a record!! Since, my rain gauge has accumulated almost .5 inch. Pretty crazy!

It’s been nice being at home; being with friends and having visitors. Jim’s cousin Dale and wife Diana came for a 3 day visit and our cruising friends from Canada, Vince and Karen stopped by for one night. Sadly, we lost a friend to cancer last week; she had been sick for a long time and lasted longer than anyone thought was possible. Now, we all are trying to give support to her husband.

Next week, our 2 granddaughters will be coming to stay for a few weeks. I, Cheryl, will fly early in the morning on Tuesday to Omaha; meet up with Jina and the girls, and then the 3 of us will fly back that afternoon. Jerica has traveled with us several times, but this will be the first time for 4 year old Lauren to stay away from home for more than one week. We are all excited. We have an overnight to Catalina Island scheduled and plan other small day trips in So CA. Then, toward the end of June, we will head back to Nebraska, via Dale and Diana’s in Stockton and possibly San Francisco.

Again, our best to everyone that has been affected by the terrible storms and floods.


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