Headed home

We left Jina’s on Saturday. Jim started having low back pain 2 days before that. It just got worse, so on Sunday, we decided to stay put for a few days in Colorado Springs and find a chiropractor. We lucked out by finding Dr. Kathy Fields from the yellow pages. She gave excellent treatment at a good price and was a very nice person. He had 3 days of adjustments with therapy; I massaged several times a day and ice was applied often. He says my massages worked the best!
It turned out that his pelvic cradle was twisted. At the first appointment, Dr. Fields said his legs were 3 inches different. They are now equal, so hopefully he will continue to improve. Long hours in the van probably contributed to the problem, so we will take our time getting home. I also have to drive more. I usually only drive for 45 min to an hour for his break. Today, I drove 3 hours!! I even did mountain passes.
We plan to be home on Saturday, but will adjust this if needed. As Jim said, “this is the pits.” Have to remember that we are in our 60’s and not young chicks!!


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