An uninvited guest

We are at home and trying to handle the heat (not as bad as Texas, after all). A few days ago, we had a new experience. I had put 2 large tomatoes on our windowsill (inside) to ripen. One morning Jim discovered that big bites had been taken out of them. We looked closer and could see teeth marks.

Oh, our lovely tomatoes!

Ugh! We called Western Exterminator and had a couple of the maintenance staff give us their opinion. All agreed that a RAT had gotten in. Finally figured that it was through our AC vent from duct work underneath the Park Model.
So, the exterminator set up 4 traps, 2 inside with peanut butter. One of these was right below the partially eaten tomatoes, which we had kept in place. The next morning, this one had captured and killed a RAT.

His deadly last bite.

Amazing! He had eaten some more tomato before sampling the peanut butter, as his last bite! Haven’t found anymore and our AC guy came and closed up the holes in the duct work. Glad that experience is over.

Jim carrying the dead guy out to trash.


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