Getting Ready

Only 1 week left before we fly to Spain. Jim is busy with all the Cruise Critic and trip details and I am starting to pack and tying up loose ends. We still do not have our AC/heater and insulation underneath repaired. Can’t believe how long that has taken! Maybe Friday. I hope to be able to get wifi while in Spain and will pay the high price for it on the ship. So, I should be able to post blogs and pictures during our trip. We will also be taking our Color Nook, I am still working out all the kinks, but it is fun. I have downloaded many free and cheap books.
We have a winter storm currently, chilly and wet; maybe snow in the mountains. Feels nice for a change, but will be warm by the weekend. Happy Autumn to everyone and to those who have the beautiful falls colors, enjoy for us.


2 responses to “Getting Ready

  1. I’m so envious. I wish we were going to Spain! I’ve heard a lot about Peñíscola, but haven’t been there. Please post bundles of pics! I spent some time in Sitges in 1990, but can’t remember much about it except that is was quaint and beautiful! We haven’t had a nice trip since Argentina. I’m planning a trip to Costa Rica now for February.
    I haven’t been to Europe since 2009. That was my retirement trip. We did Ireland. I’m beginning to miss Europe. The Euro is coming down, so it’s more affordable. I’d like to do France and/or Germany when Larry retires in 2013. That is if there is any money left in his retirement account with the stock market’s erratic behavior! ☺
    Have a great trip.


    • Good to hear from you; sorry to be slow in responding; I forget to check the comments on my web page. Yes, we are enjoying Spain and Sitges is very nice. Raining, but still fun. Peniscola was great; the castle is from 1400 and famous in the film El Cid; we plan to rent it when we get home. The Euro is about 1.389 to USD; better than before, but everything is still expensive. We just decided to do it! We love Costa Rica; been there about 5 times. When and where are you going? Could maybe connect with you 2.

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