From Spain

After over 16 hours of travel, we arrived in Barcelona, Spain, Friday evening (9 hour time change) with minimal jet lag. It didn’t hit us until the next day when we traveled by train to the south. We took a local train to the Sants train station in Barcelona and then a Renife train for 2 hours to Benicarló; then a taxi to Peñíscola condo.

It was raining yesterday and a little cool. Despite our fatigue, we had to walk to the supermercado for food and drink; not so far with empty bags, but seemed forever with a heavy load. We stayed in and had a cold, snack dinner and watched some kind of sport on all Spanish TV. It seemed to be combo of basketball, soccer and hockey and called balomano. Very interesting.

No internet until we paid for it today; 5 Euro for 12 hours (use anytime). Not too bad. Today is sunnier, but breezy. The Mediterranean Sea is just about 2 blocks from our condo and really beautiful. Tomorrow, we plan to take the bus into Peñíscola proper and visit the famous castle (“El Cid” fame).

Still tired today and taking naps, but why not? I’ll try to add pictures after our visit to the castle. Hola de Espana.


4 responses to “From Spain

  1. Peggy & Craig Bass

    Dear Cheryl & Jim:
    We envy you guys, wish we were with you. We know you will have a wonderful time. Love ya, Peggy & Craig

    • Thanks for responding. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. We had a real problem with the internet at the last place and I tend to forget to check comments on the web page; kind of last thing to do. Yes, all is well and despite the rain, enjoying ourselves. Posted some more pix tonight. Out best to you 2, Love, Cheryl and Jim

  2. Loved your pictures and Spain looks like a really lovely place to visit. How ever, getting there was amazing in its self. I don’t think I could hold up under that schedule. Oh, to be young again and on the move. Keep moving and keep the pictures coming. Love to you both, Amy

    • Thanks, yes it does get harder all the time. Now we make reservations all the way, instead of “winging it”. Today was a challenge with going from train to metro and not recognizing streets in the big city. Got a little testy with each other, but worked it out. Whenever I hear news about Turkey, I think of you 2. Would be terrible to be there in an earthquake! Love to you also and our best, Cheryl and Jim

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