November 1, on Ship

During our first day at sea, 10/30, we kept busy with the CC group: helped judge the door decorating contest (some really creative ideas); wondered all over the ship to see about 20 doors; then the first big meet and greet for Cruise Critics with over 200 people. There were more contests and door prizes and people discussed more events to come. A lot of fun and some great people.

More on the easy-going policy on alcohol: At both Barcelona and Malaga, there was a Duty Free shop or 2 after security and no one asked us if we had alcohol when entering the ship. We also brought on some in our platypus; so no problem. So different from every other ship that we have been on.

In Málaga, Jim and I headed up the Walking Tour. Several people did it on their on with our map and instructions and 10 walked with us. We took it easy and stopped often; even a McDonald potty break. Great scenery and architecture again; some very old buildings from 1400’s and a Moor Castle and archway from 1000’s. All had a good time. The pictures will be added, whenever I have good reception; not working too good right now.


One response to “November 1, on Ship

  1. Enjoying your posts. Please say hello to Doug and Diane for us.


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